Compensation regulations

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In the event of a binding offer that meets the provider’s conditions of sale being received from a buyer on the Deal Estate internet platform in respect of a real estate offer published by the provider/seller on this platform, the provider shall pay Deal Estate compensation (transaction fee). The amount of this transaction fee is based on the minimum purchase price set by the provider for the relevant real estate offer and amounts to 0.1% of the minimum purchase price plus VAT at the currently applicable rate.
The transaction fee will also be payable if:
  1. A binding offer is received by the provider outside of the internet platform of Deal Estate.
  2. Despite a binding offer being made, no contract is concluded between the provider and the prospective buyer.
  3. The provider receives a binding offer relating to a real estate offer within a year of the provider deleting/withdrawing publication of this real estate offer on the internet platform of Deal Estate.

The transaction fee is due within 30 days of receipt of the binding offer, and will be invoiced to the provider by Deal Estate electronically or by mail.

In the event of no minimum sale price being defined by the provider, or if the value is more than 20% removed from a “capitalised income value” (target net rent multiplied by 20), the “capitalised income value” minus 20% will be taken as the underlying calculation basis for the transaction fee.
If it is not possible to determine the "simple income value" for property-specific reasons, the parties will jointly determine a flat transaction fee.

This regulation is valid from the 1st of February 2019 and replaces all previous regulations.